Slippery Hippie

OilSinglesWhy am I the Slippery Hippie? I love oils and all things slippery. I love essential oils, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and even butters; shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut butter, almond butter, butter butter. I slather them on everything people will let me. I eat them, bathe in them, groom with them, clean with them, put them on my yard and pets. When my journey with oils first began, there were many, “Open this, my hands are slippery.”, “I fell in the shower again because its all slippery!”, “Why is this oily? What is that smell?”  People started calling me a hippie when I stopped buying deodorant and shampoo, and lots of jokes were made (I don’t really look slippery, oily, or greasy, nor do I smell anything less than amazing, like you might picture). It all became a way of life. Now my kids say things like, “I have a boo-boo, can you rub oil on it?” and I beam with pride.  And alas, I am a healthy, happy, slippery, hippie.

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I dabbled with oils and healthy trends on and off before what I will call my transformation.   I have a Slippery Sister who is older and therefore has done everything first. I watched her for years and learned.  I never thought I had the resources, time or ability to be as healthy.  After all, I have a full time job, and she is a homemaker.  I coach soccer, I am busy.  I mean how could I have time?  Seriously, I had every excuse.  Then I got sick.  A cold, then the flu, then strep throat, then after bombarding my body with antibiotics, ibuprofen, tylenol, one after another, I got hell’s fire heartburn and thrush, even though I took my probiotics, it was really bad.  I could not eat, talk, swallow, and after months of being ill and weak and miserable, I didn’t have time NOT TO get healthy. The healthy dabbling became a rock solid I-am-not-putting-crap-in-my-body rampage.

My medicine now is essential oils and food. The highest quality essential oils, real unaltered, whole foods, the way they are found in nature.  Non GMO and organic produce and plants.  Grass fed cows.  Free range chickens.  Herbal tea.  Natural sources of sugar, nothing refined or manufactured. NO chemicals on my skin or in my body.  This is the way we are intended to nurture our bodies.This transformation of course took time. And I did not know where to find most of what I needed where I live. It took time to develop recipes for natural home remedies, learn the ways. It was much easier to find organic produce than to develop a system for living naturally.   I want to share with all of you what I have learned and created, give you resources to find the things you need to make the change. I want to encourage you, because you can do this, no matter what your situation, if you really want to. I’m nothing near perfect, I have a personal goal of 80-20.  If I can be 80%  good, pure and natural, then I am 80% better than I ever was before.  I want to help you be better too!

Please come visit often, and invite others!

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