DIY Natural Toilet Tab

IMG_3776Toilets are just plain gross.  I need help in the toilet cleaning department because I don’t like to even touch the nasty things. I used to buy bleach tablets to put in the tank to help keep the toilet cleaner so I did not have to do as much touching and scrubbing of the toilet bowl. The bleach tabs were really handy, but now I do not want the bleach in my house. I also used to use commercial cleaner and a scrub brush… never again! I personally would rather go to the bathroom cowgirl style, under the big blue sky, but that’s not legal. So, what is a hippie to do? That’s right. I got busy and made some toilet tablets of my own.

I worked on this for a long time, and actually gave up for a while until some people were requesting a natural toilet tab recipe. I got really excited that other people wanted my hippie methods. I then worked one very long day on these and tested several recipes. I learned a few things in my trial-and-errors. First and most importantly, is the ingredients have to be packed very tight. These tablets will dissolve much slower and you’ll replace them less often if you take your time to press them as firmly as possible. They dissolve faster than commercial bleach tablets, but I believe this is mostly due to the fact that I don’t have a big strong machine to press them (also, because I am not adding a bunch of chemicals I cannot pronounce). If you have some type of press you can use, all the better. Let me know if you find a helpful method!

The next important note I have for you is that these may not easily come out of a muffin wrapper! As I adjusted the recipe and baked different batches, the closer I got to a hard tablet that didn’t melt right away, the harder it was to peel the wrapper off! I suggest wax paper, or in a pinch spray paper muffin liners with something slippery 🙂 I used coconut oil cooking spray (very lightly), and I have not noticed any build up in the toilet from it.

One final tip is the larger you make these the slower they melt, and the less often you have to put a new one in the tank. I used a pan that makes rather huge muffins. I packed them about an inch thick in the final go round. They lasted longer, which makes me happy!

These natural bleach-free toilet tabs are safe for septic and sewer. They are non-irritating to sensitive skin. At my house, a tab will last in the tank from 3 days up to a week, depending on how many times the five of us flush each toilet. I have noticed that they considerably slow the build up of visible funk in the toilet bowls. I even enjoy leaving the lid off the jar I store them in because they make my bathroom smell fresh and clean. I do not recommend leaving these out in the open air if you live in a humid environment.

Toilet Tab Ingredients:IMG_3749

  • 3 cup baking soda
  • 1 c borax
  • 1/4 c citric acid
  • 1/3 c peroxide (or my bleach recipe)
  • 1 tbsp xanthan gum
  • 2 or 3 tbsp lemon juice (I’ll explain)
  • 3 tbsp corn starch
  • 15 drops of cleansing blend essential oil
  • 15 drops of tea tree oil

Mix the dry ingredients thoroughly in a glass bowl. Slowly add in peroxide and lemon juice while stirring. After any fizzing has stopped, stir in essential oils. Now you should have a pretty dry clumpy mixture.

IMG_3752Spoon it into muffin pan lined with wax paper. Use your mixing spoon to press it firmly in. I even fold the wax paper over and press them some more with my fingers and bang on them with the bottom of a heavy glass. Now you’re ready to bake! (you could also leave little globs on wax paper set out overnight to dry like my laundry pods, but these take longer to dry because they’re larger, and they dissolve slower if  pressed and baked).IMG_3753

Bake at 250F for 30 min. For best results, cool in pan a couple minutes, then transfer to cooling rack. Once completely cool, you can put them in a pretty jar with or without the wrappers.


Feel free to add or change oils to your liking for scent, just don’t make the mixture too wet. Cut back the lemon juice to 2 or 2 1/2 tbsp if you add more oil. Also, these tablets are still effective for cleaning without the oils, just not as powerful. You can go up to the 3 tbsp of lemon juice if you leave oils out. If you find these are completely melted and gone before 3 days, try cutting down the lemon juice a little. The trick is to have the mix wet enough to stick together, but still dry enough that it will bake into a rock solid little puck that dissolves slowly.

FullSizeRender (19)

These tabs really work! We went on vacation, and it rained and poured and flooded our town. Our air conditioner broke too, so, our toilet sat here in a warm humid house, and began to grow a ring of mildew. Now, I had a lot more to worry about than cleaning a toilet. I just tossed a tab in the tank and started using the toilet as usual. Within 24 hours the mildew had faded to nearly nothing. I can explain why, but you really need to make these to see for yourself. Baking soda balances the pH of water, decreasing mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Baking soda also softens water, which is great because the mineral build up from hard water traps germs, and makes thorough cleaning difficult. The borax, citric acid, peroxide and lemon are all cleansing agents, and the xanthan gum and cornstarch are holding the little pucks together.

Adding the essential oils gives you more protection against bacteria and mold. The cleansing blend contains lemon, lime, pine, citronella, melaleuca and cilantro. This blend kills odors, and removes sticky, yucky messes from anywhere in your home or vehicle. It’s great to have around! Tea tree (melaleuca), among its many uses, kills mold. I even spray the window sills with these oils if condensation causes mildew in the winter.

IMG_3751I know one of these days I’ll convince you to buy some oils. I want you to enjoy the benefits of pure therapeutic grade oils from the finest company out there. I have tried all kinds of self-proclaimed “pure” oils. In the end I choose doTerra. I beleive in them and use them every day for a healthier lifestyle. Find out more about doTerra and buy oils here:

Come back often and bring some friends!


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    My girlchild did this!

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    Can I use guar gum instead of xanthan gum?


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