All-in-1 Natural Wash

There are lots of recipes on the internet for homemade body wash and shampoos. The recipes out there range in complexity, some needing ingredients like silk protein, things a lot of people don’t have and their local stores. There are also blog posts everywhere about washing with just baking soda and apple cider vinegar, which works great, and I do this often!! That method balances pH, is cheap, effective, completely natural, and keeps your drains clean. However, I know lots of people who don’t like the vinegar smell or the baking soda texture. I get up early and I am not a morning person, so, I simply like having an all in 1 recipe instead of juggling bottles in the shower.

So, let’s talk about the benefits of this recipe.IMG_4665 This can be used as: shampoo, conditioner, leave-in-conditioner, shaving lather, lotion, moisturizing and soothing bath soak, and hand soap. Literally, you can make a batch and fill all of these needs at once. Put a bottle in the shower, and a bottle on the sink. You’re set! Castile soap is our cleanser here, made from 100% natural vegetable oils, no synthetic ingredients or harmful byproducts, can be used for anything in your home, even brushing your teeth.  My choice is Dr. Bronner’s, for the smell and value, pictured below is Hemp Rose scent which smells ahhh-mazing. In addition, I add coconut cream which is about 4 times stronger and thicker than coconut milk, meaning a higher oil and nutrient concentration. If you have read anything else I’ve ever posted anywhere, you know, I love coconut everything. Coconuts are a little bombshell of health benefits, for literally every part of your body. But the thing I want to concentrate on here is that coconut is moisturizing while also cleansing, as it is full of antioxidants and micro nutrients, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial (which helps keep your loofah clean too).

I also want to point out that I have curly hair. For those of you that don’t know, curly hair is oily at the roots and dry at the ends. Curly hair is hard to keep balanced, and is pretty high maintenance. This makes a world of trouble for hippies like me, who want to be natural without looking like a clown who just rode a bull through a tornado 🙂 that’s an original slippery hippie phrase right there. This recipe cleanses your roots and moisturizes hair, calms frizz without weighing hair down, is good for all hair types. I am totally comfortable using this recipe as shampoo, letting my hair air dry without adding any post-shower products, and going in public. After a shower with this one bottle, my skin is soft and moist, my curls are light and bouncy, shiny, more even, and frizz free, and I smell so good!

All-in-1 Easy, Natural DIY Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and More!


1 can unsweetened coconut cream

1 cup liquid castile soap

2 cups distilled water

10-20 drops lavender, rosemary, and tea tree essential oil (buy here)

Mix coconut cream and soap in a blender on a very low setting or by hand. Add essential oils. Slowly stir in water. That’s it! Put it in container of your choice. I use a squeeze bottle.

You can easily adjust the consistency by adding more or less water. If you wanted to use this wash in a foaming dispenser, add a little more. I add this mixture 50/50 with water in my foam dispenser for hand soap. If you want it to be thicker for any reason add less water. This is the consistency I prefer to use with a pouf and in my hair, and for shaving. This mixture may separate over a couple of days time if unused, because of the lack of synthetic stabilizers. Just give it a quick shake at the beginning of your shower, your health is worth that small effort 🙂

**Side note**Glycerin is often found in home made body washes, and in theory it helps with consistency, moisturizing, and lather, is also an emollient- I don’t use it, I don’t trust it. Castile soap lathers well enough in my opinion, and this recipe is very moisturizing. Glycerin has a moderately high allergy risk, is not safe for broken skin, during pregnancy or breast feeding, and can make you photosensitive. No, thank you. But if you feel you need it to make this work for you, add about 1 Tbsp.**

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  1. Roxamillion says:

    Ack! I need this in my life. Thank you for sharing! I was just shopping for hair product to calm the sproingies in my hair and used to love using OGX Coconut Milk, but it sounds like this would be better because it can be used for so much.


  2. Love this post, nice natural washes are sooo good! Check out my all natural blog if you fancy 🙂


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