Aftershave, Naturally

Yes, hippies shave too! And struggle with razor burn like all of the non-hippie world. I just don’t like to use all of the chemical filled shaving creams and aftershaves that help soothe my sensitive, dry skin. My rule is, as always, if I can’t pronounce it, I probably do not want it on or in my body.

Let’s be honest, shaving is about the most unnatural thing we do to ourselves, it damages our largest organ – our skin!- and removes hair which is placed on our bodies for warmth, protection and to aid our natural instincts through sensation. But, alas, I cannot stand to have a lot of body hair, so I need a natural solution to make it healthier.

I have tried many homemade aftershave creams and oils and shave creams, and remedies for razor burn and ingrown hairs from all over the internet. I always end up disappointed at the efficacy or the complexity of making or using them. I finally have come up with an easy system that is very effective for me, and is also proving helpful for the men in my life.

To begin with, I want to point out that many factors decide the reaction your skin will have to shaving. Your genetics, your hydration status, the body part in question (sorry, it’s true), the razor you use, the direction you shave and amount of pressure you apply…. WILL all make a difference. My way is just my way. It has immensely helped my skin, which keeps me from being a hairy hippie now that the weather is changing and irritating my skin. This smells fantastic and takes me no more time than using commercial products.


I have started using 100% aloe vera gel (with no color or additives) in place of shaving cream. You could add oils to this for additional soothing and moisturizing, which I may need further into winter. I have tried homemade shaving cream with coconut oil, but it clogs my razor! Right now, I’m enjoying the simplicity of purchasing a bottle of aloe and using it straight from the bottle, no prep necessary. You could use fresh aloe if you have a plant. I have done this too and it feels amazing. However, shaving with the aloe vera is not enough to stop skin irritation alone.

My natural aftershave is doing a phenomenal job of decreasing the discomfort of razor burn and helping prevent ingrown hairs. I use a rollerball bottle for application because I want less friction to my already-irritated-skin right after I shave. Rubbing in a lotion or cream is more irritating for my skin than an oil mix that takes very little rubbing to evenly distribute.


In a 10 mL roller bottle, add essential oils first:

Essential oils:

-5 drops tea tree

-10 drops lavender

-10 drops frankincense

-5 drops of soothing blend

-5 drops of cleansing blend


-30 drops to a tablespoon of almond oil

-15 to 20 drops of vitamin E oil

-Fill to the top with fractionated coconut oil

***For the gentlemen, I added 2 drops of rosemary and 3 drops of cedarwood for a more rugged, less “manicured” scent. You may like a different smell, have fun with it.

Apply to skin liberally with roller ball, and gently spread out over skin with finger tips. I generally make lines across length of area with roller, about 1/2 to 1 inch apart. Do what feels good, you want enough but not too much for your skin type.

As always, I’ll remind you, I use the best essential oils in the world. Why? Because I have seen the difference for myself as an avid daily user of EOs. If you are interested in getting started using the best, or you want to contact me for more information, start here:

My doTERRA page


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