Natural Soft Scrub

20160310_142923[1]It is nearly springtime and that means we are itching to open the windows and deep clean our homes! Wait, you’re not excited for spring cleaning? Well, that changes things a bit. Would you be more excited if I gave you a fun, natural cleaner recipe that would make the job easier? This made me excited! I cleaned all kinds of things to test it out for you! Here’s hoping this will give you motivation. You know you’ll feel better once you are done! So, lets talk soft scrub.

I do not use store bought cleaner. Ever. I’m sure you are wondering, “How do you get out rust stains, scrub the glass top stove, and get permanent marker off of your walls and cabinets WITHOUT real cleaner?” I’m going to show you! There was a time I didn’t think it was possible to have a clean house with only natural stuff, at least not without lots of time and effort. I thought there was no way vinegar and baking soda are going to cut it. I have thrown away lots of dirty stuff, and given in to buying bleach many times along my journey. It is 100% possible to have a clean home without any store bought cleaner and no extra effort. But baking soda and vinegar (both useful) don’t always cut it.


I have told you before about some benefits of coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, baking soda, peroxide, and essential oils, which lately have their own reputation. I made mildly abrasive, but nonscratch cleaner from these things in 45 seconds. Cleaner I used to polish stainless steel, de-scum the shower, remove rust from glass, stainless steel, and laminate flooring, shine up the glass top stove and degrease the exhaust fan. I even got hair dye off of the toilet seat (don’t ask). Are you getting excited yet? Here are some before and after pics. Mind you I did very little scrubbing, this is the results of just a few wipes with a sponge and my cleaner.


I’m going to  give you the recipe and let the photos speak for me. Now, don’t judge! Remember it has to be dirty in order to show you how well this can work!

Natural Soft Scrub

3 Tbsp Diatomaceous Earth

3 Tbsp Coconut oil

3 Tbsp Baking Soda

1 Tbsp Hydrogen Peroxide

5 drops of citrus essential oil, or a cleansing blend

Mix all ingredients except peroxide to a crumbly mixture. Then stir in peroxide to make a paste. ***Trick of the trade: If you need something more abrasive, add salt, like sand paper, the bigger the salt is the more abrasive it will be. I used salt to clean tough spots on my stove top.

Get your essential oils here: doTerra is the best, I hippie-promise!



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